Policy for Retractions and Expressions

ABC Research Alert understands the value of the scholarly record's integrity and completeness to researchers and libraries, and places the highest value on maintaining faith in the authority of its electronic archive.

Generally, after publication, after generating DOI, after archiving in Portico, it is not possible to withdraw the manuscript from the journal. Articles that have been published must be kept as accurate and unaltered as possible to the greatest extent practicable.
Occasionally, though, situations may emerge in which an article is published and then must be retracted or removed. Such measures should not be taken lightly and should only be carried out in unusual situations.
All article versions, including retracted or otherwise removed articles, will be preserved in our official archives (digital preservation) at the 'Portico.'

This policy was created in response to these concerns and to incorporate current best practices in the scholarly and library communities.

Article withdrawal

Withdraw works only after submission and before publication. Withdrawn means that the article content (PDF/Word) is removed from the submission system of this journal. Articles (that have been accepted for publication but which have not been formally formatted and published and will not yet have the complete volume/issue/page information) that include errors, or are discovered to be accidental duplicates of other published article(s), or are determined to violate our journal publishing ethics guidelines in the view of the editors (such as multiple submission, bogus claims of authorship, plagiarism, fraudulent use of data or the like), maybe “Withdrawn” from 'ABC Research Alert'. Only used for Articles not uploaded in the archive which represent sometimes contain errors, or may have been accidentally submitted twice. No charge is applicable.

Article retraction

Infringements of ethical codes, such as bogus claims of authorship, multiple submissions, fraudulent use of data, plagiarism, or the like. Occasionally a retraction will be used to correct errors in submission or publication. The retraction of an article by its authors or the editor has long been an occasional feature of the learned world. A charge of 10,000 BDT/ 150US$ is applicable.
>> A retraction note titled “Retraction: [article title]” signed by the authors and/or the editor is published in the article URL, and will remain listed in the contents list of the published issue.
>> The original article URL will be retained unchanged, and on the .pdf indicating that it is “retracted.”
>> The uploaded PDF version of the document will be removed.

Article removal: legal limitations

In a very small number of instances, it may be essential to remove an abstract URL from the journal's online database (archive). This will occur only if the article is plainly libelous or violates the legal rights of others, or if the piece is, or we have reason to believe it will be, the subject of a court order, or if the abstract URL if followed, could constitute a substantial health risk. While the metadata (Title and Authors) will be maintained in these instances, the text will be replaced with a screen noting the article has been removed due to legal concerns. A charge of 20,000 BDT/ 300US$ is applicable.

Article replacement

When an article contains information that, if followed, could result in major health risks, the writers of the original article may decide to retract the defective original and replace it with a corrected version of the piece. A charge of 4,500 BDT is applicable.