Reasons Makes Muslim Superhero Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Awesome Just Like Everyone


  • Ananda Majumdar University of Alberta



Heroism, Islamism, Inhuman, Cultural & Religious Narrative, Minority, Violation of Consent, Superhero, Terrigen Mist


Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan is a new name in Marvel comics, a name that represents minor communities of America, it is not the first time by a minor representation, there are various Muslim minority hero or heroine comes into focus in American society but they are not that popular or centre of the focus, Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan episode of Marvel comics is the most popular among US people, though they do not want any more diversity but because of its realism and authenticity, this episode receives 2015 Hugo award. The achievement credits her role as the superhero that she does for various reasons such as escape US society beyond the class, religion, identity, race from evil human and inhuman, a role model for the young generation, teenage, generation why (who always raises their voice for change, for new things), represents on behalf of the minorities in front of US political leadership, an image of innovation, change among kids, teenage and even elders. Kamala’s character is an example of feminism, diversity, stereotype, enthusiasm, boldness, promise and ground base. Her super heroism is the combination of empowerment, fantasy, and assimilation. Therefore, I choose to write on her as my final project. I am not a teenage but as a generation X, I am also motivated through her activities that she performed, taking all kind of social-political-stereotypical–religious challenges from her friends, family, and outsiders as well. 


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Ananda Majumdar, University of Alberta

Student/Researcher, Antarctic Institute of Canada, University of Alberta, Harvard Graduate School of Education (Professional Education), Canada


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