Perception of Employees Regarding Participation in Decision Making and Problem Solving: A study On Different Branches of Banks in Dhaka City


  • Md. Shariful Alam Khandakar DU
  • Khadija Huq Faith Overseas LTD
  • Sarmin Sultana Stamford University Bangladesh



Perception, employee participation, decision making, Problem solving


Banking sector is one of the most raising sectors in Bangladesh. This sector is facing competitive pressures due to the rapid changes of market conditions. Participative Decision-making and problem solving is therefore very crucial to the fortunes of any organization as it is through the successful implementation of policy decisions that the goals and objectives of an organization. Employees in the banking sector of Bangladesh perceived that participative decision making improve the organizational performance. They argued that employees are the fuel that runs the engine of the organization and it is believed that their non-involvement in the decision-making process creates tensions between management and staff. This study, therefore, sought to determine the perception of employees’ regarding participative decision making. They provided the opinion that management think decision-making as a management tool and its implementation in organizations by determining low employee. Lack of participative decision is the main cause of poor implementation of decisions. In order to achieve the objective of the study an interview was conducted on 57 employees of different private, public and commercial banks of Dhaka city.  The findings of the study suggested that employee participation and involvement in decision-making contributes to effective decision implementation and also creates an enabling environment for creativity and growth. If employees see themselves as stakeholders and owners of the decision making and problem solving then implementation of decision will be very smooth. The study was also revealed that when employees see themselves as not being part of the decision-making process, they become discontented and apathetic which is likely to adversely affect organizational performance. Moreover, the study attempt to find out the relationship between participative decision making and organizational commitment.


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Author Biographies

Md. Shariful Alam Khandakar, DU

Assistant Professor, Department of Hospitality & Tourism, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Khadija Huq, Faith Overseas LTD

Counselor, Faith Overseas LTD, Bangladesh


Sarmin Sultana, Stamford University Bangladesh

Lecturer, Stamford University Bangladesh, Bangladesh



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Khandakar, M. S. A., Huq, K., & Sultana, S. (2018). Perception of Employees Regarding Participation in Decision Making and Problem Solving: A study On Different Branches of Banks in Dhaka City. ABC Research Alert, 6(1), Bangladesh.



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