Work Performance of Nurses Working in Covid-19 Dedicated Tertiary Public Hospitals, Bangladesh


  • Sharmin Sultana Infectious Diseases Hospital
  • ANM Shamsul Islam NIPSOM
  • MD. Tajul Islam Infectious Diseases Hospital
  • Md. Rahat Ul Azam Upazila Health Complex
  • Poly Rani Kundu Sadar Hospital
  • Quazi Umme La-sani Haque Dental Surgeon
  • Md. Belaet Hossain Adamjee EPZ Medical Center
  • Md. Imtiaz Uddin Epic Health Care



Nurse, the performance of nurses, COVID-19 dedicated hospital, non-patient-centered work


Work performance of nurses refers to the set of nursing activities or behaviors that are performed by nurses and directed toward the recovery and well-being of the patients assigned to their care. During the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses perform a pivotal role in managing COVID-19 patients in hospitals. The study aimed to assess the level of work performance of nurses working in COVID-19-dedicated tertiary public hospitals. A descriptive type of cross-sectional study was conducted from January to December, 2021 within 223 nurses. The sample was selected based on a non-probability purposive sampling technique. The data was collected by using a self-administered structured questionnaire (6DSNP and self-administered variables) from two COVID-19 dedicated tertiary public hospitals (Kuwait Bangladesh Friendship Government Hospital and Sheikh Russel Gastroliver Institute & Hospital). The study findings mentioned that 68.2% of respondents were between the age of 21-30 years and the mean age was 28.6 years and SD= 4.66. In the educational level, 67.3% of respondents had a diploma degree, 62.8% of respondents had more than 7 years of working experience, 67.3% of respondents dislike the night shift & 68% mentioned short manpower is the cause of disliking that shift, their average work performance on the planning of direct patient-centered work was 3.52 ±.773, critical care of direct patient-centered work was 3.79 ±.382, teaching/collaboration of direct patient-centered work was 3.33±.712, communication of direct patient-centered work was 3.68±.532, and the additional variable of direct patient work was 3.77±.465. In addition to their average performance in the leadership of non-patient-centered work was 3.49±.688, professional development of non patient-centered work was 3.35±.693, and also their performance on indirect patient work was 3.53 ±.703. The average work performance of the respondents was 3.55 ±.618 which mentioned their performance was good. Quality of nursing care should be improved by enhancing nurses' competency, which can influence the growth of faith in people's minds to treat their health inside the country as well as reduce the trend to move abroad for better treatment.


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Author Biographies

Sharmin Sultana, Infectious Diseases Hospital

Senior Staff Nurse, Infectious Diseases Hospital, Dhaka

ANM Shamsul Islam, NIPSOM

Associate Professor, Department of Public Health & Hospital Administration, NIPSOM

MD. Tajul Islam, Infectious Diseases Hospital

Senior Staff Nurse, Infectious Diseases Hospital, Sylhet

Md. Rahat Ul Azam, Upazila Health Complex

Senior Staff Nurse, Upazila Health Complex, Badarganj, Rangpur

Poly Rani Kundu, Sadar Hospital

Senior Staff Nurse, Sadar Hospital, Narail

Quazi Umme La-sani Haque, Dental Surgeon

Dental Surgeon

Md. Belaet Hossain, Adamjee EPZ Medical Center

SMO, Adamjee EPZ Medical Center

Md. Imtiaz Uddin, Epic Health Care

AGM, Epic Health Care, Panchlaish, Chittagong


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