Socio- Economical Conditions of Aged Widow in Bangladesh


  • Monija Islam Asian University of Bangladesh



Aged widows, social status, economic conditions, families, Bangladesh


This paper scrutinized the economic, social, and affecting support systems of aged widows of sixty years who live in the People's Republic of Bangladesh. It aims to locate the socio-economic conditions, resources, and impact on aged widows. In the People's Republic of Bangladesh, there's a scarcity of a comprehensive formal arranged for aged widows. Usually, social and economic supports for aged widows come back from their sons, daughters, neighbors, and society members. The largest part of aged widows doesn’t have regular financial support. Insufficient economic aid comes from the govt. within the shape of the widow and aged allowance. Study findings point out that aged widows can coexist in the family but they cannot make family decisions. Besides, in most of cases they don’t get any facilities like respect and medical facilities. This can be causative to the inflated risk for aged widows who are depending on the support of their families. This study reports on a field survey during which one hundred aged widows of sixty years and over were interviewed and analyzed by the exploitation of excel.


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Author Biography

Monija Islam, Asian University of Bangladesh

Lecturer, Department of Government and Politics, Asian University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh


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